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Activate your cells in 7 minutes, get free V oxy+ now !!!

160 Essential Nutrients In 7 Minutes

V Live composed of safe and natural ingredients extracted from advanced technology from Germany, provides about 160 essential nutrients to the human body. It is an all-inclusive healthcare solution to treat the underlying causes in addition to the healthcare product ranges.


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Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals essential to keeping your body healthy?

V Trition provides supplementary nutrients for your good health by replenishing insufficient nutrients in your daily diet. More importantly, your skin can be revived!



Feeling sluggish and out of shape these days?

V Oxy+ boosts your energy to meet your daily growing needs and keep you fit and active, giving you strong support to be more of yourself and be more successful in your life!



Want to minimize age-related signs of degeneration?

V Neral provides multi-mineral supplements day by day to keep you strong, supple, and durable. Besides anti-aging, the product has other incredible benefits.



Looking to up your performance and energy?


V trition - Products - Home - V Live International


Restore a balanced health by filling-in your daily nutritional gap with wholesome nutrients. Best of all, you can regain a healthy glow!

V oxy - Products - Home - V Live International


Raise your energy level, and get the daily boost you need to stay fit and activated. So you can do more, be more, and get more out of life!

V neral - Products - Home - V Live International


Stay strong, supple, and resilient with a daily supplement of multi-minerals. Enjoy a multitude of amazing, anti-aging benefits, too!

V gest - Products - Home - V Live International


Regain a clean and lean body by topping up your daily fibre intake. Nourishing and detoxifying, it also keeps your digestion healthy!

Vtality - Products - Home - V Live International


Boost your stamina daily the natural way, so you can perform better at home, work, or play, while maintaining a healthful well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions

V OXY+ contains coenzyme Q10, vitamin B Complex, whole wheat, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, beetroot, guarana extract, L-ascorbic acid

The product is neither a medicine, nor has any therapeutic effect. However, the product helps to regulate the body to ensure the user stays healthy.

Yes, as the nutrients supplied help the cells to regenerate and improve insulin secretion.

Yes. The product contains coenzyme Q10, which helps to stabilize blood pressure and supports the management of cardiovascular diseases.

There is none as V Live products are made with all pure natural ingredients

Depending on the needs of the individual. In general, after 28 days, you will feel the difference on your body. We do recommend to consume the products for a longer period to maintain the optimum health.

  • It takes only SEVEN MINUTES to experience the effect of the nutrient absorption
  • It takes SEVEN DAYS to feel the improvement of our body health
  • It takes 28 DAYS to witness the difference. As more cells in the body receive sufficient nutrient, the whole body will REGENERATE itself and you will feel more energized and healthier

Yes. The 160 types of nutrients provided will strengthen the immunity against tumors and the product does not contradict with cancer treatment.

Our product V NERAL consists of hydrolyzed collagen, a supplement to collagen in the human body. It acts as an effective agent for restoring skin elasticity, firming up the skin, reducing skin sagging, removing wrinkles, giving smooth skin, shiny hair, and healthy nails.

The combination of three products will bring optimal results for users. Sufficient oxygen support and improvement on sleep quality will rejuvenate your body.

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