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Dietary fiber plays important function to human health. The intake of sufficient dietary fiber can prevent a variety of chronic diseases and improve physical health which includes prevention and relief of constipation, maintainance of healthy bowel, prevention of colorectal cancer, control of weight and obesity, and prevention of diabetes and heart disease. Fiber helps to breakdown sugar and regulate sugar intake.
Cactus Extract
Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals but has low calorie. Helps break down and regulates sugar, aids
digestion, and enhances the general detoxification process. Cactus has an anti-atherosclerosis effect.
Hulked Barley Powder
Has high fiber content and plays a role in the management of ulcerative colitis.
Plant Fiber
Helps prevent obesity from overeating and it keeps our blood sugar on a more even level.
Other Ingredients: Organic Oat Bran and Oats, Organic Soy Milk, Organic Wheatgrass, Brown Rice, Bifidobacteria, FOS, Green Algae, Spirulina.

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