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Professional Business Support


With V Live, you’ll have an effective administrative team on hand, to take care of consumer and distributors’ rights and benefits.


With V live, you’ll be provided with all the marketing tools on a user-friendly platform, which you can help yourself to anytime, all the time!


With V Live, you’ll go through our Complete Growth System. It’s a strategic program that guides your growth & goal achievement step by step.


With V Live, you can be assured our friendly ‘V Live Family’ Culture will provide a positive business environment in which you can excel and thrive!


With V Live, you’ll also get to learn how to use social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Instagram for your business advantage.

Professional Business Support - Business Support - V Live International
ADVANCED GERMAN R&D - Business Support - V Live International


Every V Live products has gone through German research and development processes, which focuses not just on the nutritional value of food, but on the body’s ability to absorb it. This is because research has shown that a healthy body is determined by how much nutrients the cells are able to absorb.

German Technology:

HBA – High Bio-Availability
NSP – Nutrient Sequence Precursor
TWS – Total Wellness Solution

1.High Bio – Availability (HBA)
The nutrients needed to nourish cells must be of high bio energy, so it can activate cells to perform at its optimal best daily, while keeping you healthy.

2. Nutrient Sequence Precursor (NSP)
The nutritional arrangement works to ensure that nutrients are absorbed quickly, nourishing our 70 trillion body cells. Nutrients treated can be absorbed more effectively through molecule rearrangement.

3.Total Wellness Solution (TWS)
Scientifically developed to restore total balance and wellness, each product is designed to perform targeted cellular repair, delivering personalised results.


The 21st century is a great time to be alive. Look around us, flying is no longer the privilege of the rich. With economy airlines, now everyone can afford to travel overseas. Even in the fashion industry, mass-tige brands have made quality clothing accessible to the masses, which in turn, made the founders very wealthy.

Mass-market appliances brands in China are also successful examples of economical and affordable products with excellent quality. Only the costs of production, marketing and others are lowered, so even more can benefit from it.

This is why at V Live we believe everyone can have access to affordable and excellent quality supplements. Combined with our experience in this industry, our products are well positioned to have great market potential.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES - Business Support - V Live International

Total-Success System

With more than 20 years of experience in health food and direct selling industry, we are able to integrate, speed up, and simplify the learning process. Our Total-Success System goes through 5 steps, and is designed to support our Agents to carry out their targeted business goals effectively, and to succeed.

Total-Success System in 5 steps:

  1. Enforcement
    Deep dive into a new world of possibilities, and expand your knowledge through our regular workshops. At V Live, we’ll do our best to impart our expertise, so the USP and beauty of our products and business will be as second nature to you.
  2. Engagement
    Engage family, friends and the community to act on their hope to start a new life, by becoming a V Live Agents. At V Live, we believe personal achievement is not our only goal. The bigger vision is to enable everyone to live an enriched life!
  3. Enrichment
    Grow by learning continuously. Our contemporary modules will guide you every step of the way to grow, and prosper. At V Live, we believe the more individuals invest in personal-growth, the more the community will benefit, too.
  4. Enhancement
    Next, once you’ve begun to enjoy the fruits of your labour, abundant opportunities are given to level up, take on more responsibility, and lead the team forward. At V Live, we believe in always aiming higher, to live our best life.
  5. Enlightenment
    Multiply your joy by giving back. This principle is a vital part of your spiritual and personal enlightenment process. At V Live, we believe in doubling one’s happiness and attaining continued success by being a positive motivating force in people’s lives. Let’s support others, and the community in living a happy life!

Our Own GMP Factory

V Live has its own GMP factory. This ensures our products will always meet the market’s demand for supply, without compromising on quality.

Our factory is certified by leading authorities such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), excellent manufacturing standard (GDP), ISO9002 quality assurance system, and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and so on. Our supplement also has the HALAL certification, so it’s safe for all muslims to consume. Every step of the way, attaining the highest quality and safety assurances for our factory and products, is of our topmost priority.

You can be confident that with V Live, it will be a safe and secure partnership.

Latest Tech & Platform

V Live makes good use of the latest technology to create a personalized business platform and opportunity for each agents. As long as you’re on social media platforms like FB, Whatsapp, WeChat, Instagram, and more, and you’re happy to share stories of your daily life with others, you can create a fun business opportunity for yourself! We will offer digital courses on the use of online social media for all of our distributors. Through our platforms, you’ll see your passion come to life!

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