V Oxy+


Good Circulation Brings Health

V Oxy+ is rich in coenzyme Q10, vitamin B complex, wild oats and vitamin C. Its special and active ingredients allow our body to absorb quickly and strengthen body functions, allowing our cells to vitalize, repair and regenerate.
V Oxy+ has the function to combine all the nutrients. Combining with other V Live products will double up the effect. V Oxy+ is like a locomotive, leading all products to create a healthy body for us.
Coenzyme Q10
Can activate human cells and enhances cell energy, improves human immunity, anti-aging, etc.
Vitamin B Complex
Coordinate various enzymes to complete their function.
Wild Oats
Also known as straws, are wholesome, natural and have no side effects, contain special nutrients which help to relieve the brain and nervous system. Furthermore, wild oats can enhance mental process and ability to focus.

Other Ingredients: Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Red Beetroot, Guarana essence, L-Ascorbic

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Weight 200 g
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