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A comprehensive set of 3 V Live nutritional products

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Currently, human health is increasingly declined due to external factors and the human body is getting weaker and vulnerable to illness. Previously, only one apple provides enough nutrients and vitamin A, but 3 apples are needed now. It is also one of the reasons why the human body is getting weaker and more vulnerable to external factors.

V Live would like to introduce a comprehensive set of V Live nutritional products including V Neral, V Oxy+, and V Trition, all of which are considered to be effective and safe for the human body.

What is V Neral of V Live?

V Neral is one of three German in-house supplement lines manufactured and distributed by V LIVE worldwide. V LIVE has established in Germany, specialized in marketing 3 outstanding product lines, and ranked among the reputable companies in the healthcare industry in the European Union.

V Neral is specific to detoxification, regeneration, and repair, enhancing the natural immune system for cells and the human body. Particularly, it has the great effect of maintaining good eyesight.

V Neral, 28 packs/box, contains main ingredients as follows:

  • Dextrose
  • Strawberry powder
  • Blueberry powder,
  • Raspberry powder,
  • Acidity regulator (citric acid INS 330),
  • Antioxidant (L-ascorbic acid INS 300),
  • Red beetroot,
  • Guarana Extract,
  • B-group vitamins (B1 and B6),
  • Coenzyme Q10, Biotin,
  • Young barley extract

V Neral + provides the essential substances to convert food into fuel, thereby energizing you all day.


Introduction of V Oxy+

V Oxy+ provides and promotes blood oxygen to keep the body healthier, especially, maintain a healthy blood circulation system, convert food into energy in the most optimal way. Particularly, V Oxy+ is good for the heart and brain because it immediately regulates the movement inside the human body to bring oxygen and nutrients to every cell, and promptly treats the following conditions:

  • Supplying and increasing oxygen in blood, brain, and heart, and more specifically, nourishing cells in the best way.
  • For cases of heart diseases, difficulty breathing and low oxygen level in the heart or shortness of breath, V Oxy+ will improve symptoms significantly.
  • For cases of postpartum depression partly due to lack of exercise and physical activities causing a low oxygen level in the heart, V Oxy+ is recommended.
  • For cases of dermatitis, the product improves skin elasticity, prevents aging, removes existing wrinkles, and protects against new wrinkles.
  • The product increases the level of oxygen pumped to the brain, thereby improving memory and balancing and stabilizing the nervous system.
  • For eye diseases, the product prevents yellow eyes and enhances eyesight.
  • The product increases the sexuality of men and women.

Main ingredients of V Oxy+

V Oxy+ is made up of main ingredients as follows:

  • Dextrose
  • Strawberry powder
  • Blueberry powder,
  • Raspberry powder,
  • Acidity regulator (citric acid INS 330)
  • Antioxidant (L-ascorbic acid INS 300)
  • Red beetroot
  • Guarana Extract
  • B-group vitamins (B1 and B6), Coenzyme Q10
  • Biotin, Young barley extract.

V OXY+ provides the essential substances to convert food into fuel, thereby energizing you all day.


V Trition

V Trition is made up of main ingredients as follows:

  • Fructose
  • Lemon powder
  • Maltodextrin
  • Isomalt
  • Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid INS 330)
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Hydrolyzed collagen peptide, Magnesium carbonate
  • Calcium lactate
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Natural lemon flavor
  • Lutein
  • Horsetail Extract
  • Zinc gluconate, Magnesium citrate
  • Selenium yeast, synthetic colorants (Beta carotene INS 160a(i)), chromium yeast, Vitamin D3

Vitrion, a product of V Live, made in Malaysia, is specific to the intestinal system. It has the following effects:

  • Increasing natural enzymes in the human body
  • Enhancing absorbability
  • Boosting the immune system to prevent harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The stomach and intestines are responsible for digesting food and absorbing nutrients. The digestive system must have Fructo-Oligosaccharides (FOS) as the food for probiotics. If the stomach functions improperly, the human body cannot take in adequate and balanced nutrition.

Vitrion is manufactured and packaged according to GMP and several Malaysian standards. Currently, the product is not popular in the market because it is imported and quite new to Vietnamese consumers.

Is the V Live product set good?

V Live products are quite highly appreciated for their safety as well as efficacy to the human body. The products have been recognized by users who give good feedback on their ease of use and safety.

Currently, V Live products have been rigorously tested according to GMP, HACCP, Apec, ISO 9001, and SGS. The Products are made in Malaysia whose people have the condition completely similar to that of Vietnamese people, so V Live products are completely suitable for Vietnamese people.

Instructions for use of V Oxy+, V Trittion, and V Neral

V Live products are easy to use. The detailed instructions for use of each product are as follows.

  • Use of V Oxy+ and V Trition: mix V Oxy+ with V Trition in 200ml of water. Take the mixture 30 minutes before breakfast to start a new day. Drink enough 2 liters of water a day to increase the absorption of the product.
  • Use of V Neral: Before sleeping, mix a pack of V Neral in 150ml of warm water and drink up. Sit to relax and prepare to sleep for the best metabolism.
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