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V Live with all-natural ingredients to reverse the aging process

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Wise Corridor Vietnam exclusively distributes supplements that keep people healthy and reverse the aging process, making people younger than their actual age, always full of energy and live well every day.

V Live products originate from Germany and are manufactured in Malaysia and designed to meet the criterion of “preventing diseases”. V Live products are good for the human body and internal physiological system, thereby comprehensively improving people’s health in the shortest possible time and spreading the at-root healthcare solutions to the community.

Composed of safe and natural ingredients extracted using advanced German technology, V Live products provide oxygen to cells in about 7 minutes, opening the way to deliver 160 essential nutrients to cells to eliminate old cells, at the same time, nourish, improve and regenerate new cells. These constitute a comprehensive healthcare solution to improve users’ health and condition, especially those with illness.

V Live products can treat and control diseases and cell damages, so quickly improve human health. As a result, the energy source is transformed into vitality, making people happy and excited to effectively participate in activities.

V Live has launched 3 key product categories, including:

V Oxy+ is designed to “clear” blood vessels, eliminate impurities and toxins, open the way to speed up the intake of essential nutrients, optimize the absorption, provides the body with a great amount of oxygen reducing the vitality of cancer cells and cysts which are inherently viable in an anaerobic environment.

V-Neral is enriched with trace minerals, hydrolyzed collagen, and lutein, which can effectively be replenished to meet the body’s mineral needs. 17 kinds of collagen amino acids effectively keep the eyes and brain healthy.

V-Trition can enhance the digestive and absorption functions of the human stomach, thereby improving memory and thinking ability, preventing aging, as well as increasing total collagen, strengthening skin health, and removing spots on the skin.

V Live was honored to be awarded the gold medal of “Golden Product for Public Health Award 2020” by the Vietnam Association of Functional Foods. The qualification evaluation is based on 4 criteria: product safety, quality and effectiveness, standards for production and business, and significant contributions to society and the community.

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