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V Live – Way of living well every day

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On December 6, 2020, in Hanoi, Wise Corridor Vietnam Co., Ltd. held a press conference to introduce a simple but effective method providing people with full of energy, well-being, and good performance at work, a “daily healthcare with V Live”.

The prestigious nutritionists and healthcare professionals of Vietnam, as well as staff working in the pharmaceutical and business industries and having experience with the V Live method, attended the press conference, including Assoc. Prof. – Dr. Tran Anh Vu as Senior Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City, Traditional Medicine Doctor Do Tuan Nam from Center for Research and Application of Traditional Medicine under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, Entrepreneur Do Thi Thanh Huong – Co-founder of VLive and Pharmacist Doan Diep Ha – CEO of Lani Clinic.

Wise Corridor Vietnam undertakes a meaningful mission, which is to bring sustainable health to Vietnamese people through precious natural essences selected by a team of researchers and nutritionists, and healthcare professionals and extracted using state-of-art technology.

Wise Corridor Vietnam has carried out in-depth researches to produce magical supplements that not only keep people healthy but also reverse the aging process, making people younger than their actual age, always full of energy, and live well every day. It is called V Live supplements originating from Germany and manufactured in Malaysia. V Live products are designed to meet the criterion of “preventing diseases” – a smart healthcare solution.

V Live is the leading product line in the healthcare sector. The great fruit is brought by German researchers who have worked for a long time with passion and strong belief to produce product lines good for the human body and internal physiological system, thereby comprehensively improving the people’s health in the shortest possible time and providing the original healthcare solutions to the community with all our heart.

V Live products can treat and control diseases and cell damages, so quickly improve human health. As a result, the energy source is transformed into vitality, making people happy and excited to effectively participate in activities.

V Live has launched 3 key product categories, including:

V Oxy+ is designed to “clear” blood vessels, eliminate impurities and toxins, open the way to speed up the intake of essential nutrients, and optimize absorption. Moreover, V Oxy+ provides the body with a great amount of oxygen reducing the vitality of cancer cells and cysts which are inherently viable in an anaerobic environment.

V-Neral is enriched with trace minerals, hydrolyzed collagen, and lutein, which can effectively be replenished to meet the body’s mineral needs. 17 kinds of collagen amino acids effectively keep the eyes and brain healthy. According to USDA Advisory Committee, essential minerals for humans can be divided into macrominerals or microminerals (also known as trace minerals). Involved in enzymatic activities inside the human body, minerals balance energy solutions and act as the main catalysts to trigger other biochemical reactions. Deficient minerals may result in the growth slowdown or disruption of normal functions, eventually gene mutations, immune and endocrine dysfunction, skin damage, tumorigenesis and carcinogenesis, and a variety of signs of aging.

V-Trition: The human body is a large and complex “machine”, whose systems and organs are interdependent. All the organs and systems in good condition demonstrate that a human is healthy. The stomach digests food taken into the body and absorbs nutrients. If the stomach functions improperly, food is not well absorbed into the body, regardless of how good it is. So, whenever any food is taken into the body, it is recommended to wonder how well it is digested and absorbed. If the food is not properly digested and absorbed, the human body cannot acquire sufficient and balanced nutrients, consequently leading abundance of health problems. V-Trition can enhance the digestive and absorption functions of the human stomach, thereby improving memory and thinking ability, preventing anti-aging, as well as increasing total collagen, strengthening skin health, and removing spots on the skin.

It is widely known that the digestive system is involved in basic physiological functions including absorption, transport, and digestion of food, absorption of nutrients, and excretion. Physiological functions are performed completely depending on the smooth functioning of physiological activities in the whole gastrointestinal tract. The digestion and absorption of food, nutrients, and energy necessary for the body including the direct intake of nutrients such as vitamins, inorganic salts and water, and breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and other substances which cannot be directly absorbed, into small molecules with simple structures for easier absorption. Once entering the digestive tract, food is broken down into simple structures. The process by which small molecules are taken into the digestive tract is called digestion. Meanwhile, absorption is the process by which such small molecules are broken down by secretions and enter into the bloodstream and lymph. The non-absorbable residues are converted into feces and excreted through the large intestine. Therefore, supplementing V-Trition will help the human body to absorb fully nutrients taken into every day, prevent malnourishment and diseases.

V Live was honored to be awarded the gold medal of “Golden Product for Public Health Award 2020” by the Vietnam Association of Functional Foods.

V Live was selected for the award among hundreds of products from domestic and foreign enterprises in Vietnam.

The qualification evaluation is based on 4 criteria: product safety, quality and effectiveness, standards for production and business, and significant contributions to society and the community.

In addition, the Company’s products are GMP-and Islam Halal-certified, at the same time, meet standards of ISO 9001 and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), etc.

According to Entrepreneur World (The gioi Doanh nhan)

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